TLR is so..... damn random. That was total garbageThe entire previous episode was a damn red-herring. There were zero clues in that one that would make sense to tie into this one. TLR is total garbage. I swear next week's episode is going to be even more random. The only thing that made sense was the damn "tripping over themselves.' Other than that, it was stupid. Seriously, a slow motion mousetrap? What the hell?

There were zero clues from last week that said anything about that. Everything in the last episode didn't help. Nothing from this episode helps. This is total crap. Honestly, what is this? Really?!? Really?!? A slow motion mousetrap? Really!?!

At least the show took the time to flick us off. God, this was terrible. This didn't have anything to do with the last episode. That was random as fk. There's nothing in the previous episode that really helped. Nothing. Seriously, in the final episode I bet they're just going to vaguely tie everything together. It doesn't make a lick of sense.

Next week, you can expect someone else to die in the most random way possible. Nothing in this show makes any damn sense. There's nothing to deduce because it's pretty damn straightforward about its randomness. Michael was a paid actor?! What? Did I miss something?

What in the hell was that? That was total garbage.

All that episode showed was more weapons and who it belonged to. And added a bunch more red fucking herrings. Maybe now that some of the weapons have been shown, it won't be seen again, but I doubt that. I swear this show is so damn random. It didn't take any of the clues from last episode.

Seriously, this shit is frustrating and ridiculous. Totally stupid. At the very least, my suspect didn't die.

What I don't get is the damn mouse traps? Why the mouse traps? I understand Gavins. So if you take Gavin, you know he will die by his "specialty." Meaning he should die in slow motion. But mousetraps are so random. And seriously, getting killed by a mousetrap. What the fuck?!

What was that? I swear I'm watching the Twilight Zone. It doesn't make a lick of sense and everything is freaking random as hell.

There were no clues.

I need to see it a second time.