It seems I was tagged (TWICE!!! thanks alot @kemix9207 and @gerito2014...) So here are 7 facts about me.

1. I like to re-watch old movies from my childhood, that are terrible as an adult. (LIke TMNT from 1990. COWABUNGA DUDE!)

2. I've been a fan of RT/AH for a long time now and only joined the site a year ago, but thanks to the awesome people in the Good Guy Gamers group I've been a lot more active and as Kemix said, its been one of the best decisions ever. (HI GUYS!)

3. I recently (well maybe a month ago now.) moved two states away and started working at an awesome job, but what makes it even better, I met a RT/AH fan that also works there and we talk about RT/AH quite a bit! (Shout out to @Stelholm!)

4. I'm excited about RTX 2015 because I will be able to attend and get to meet some awesome people!!! (if all goes to plan of course, so far so good!)

5. My favorite part of the week is when we do the GGG Podcast which you can find here!

6. I'm still deeply hurt by @Killerkel for stealing all my resources in Civilization 5 when we were on the same team. DEEPLY HURT KEL!! (#NEVERFORGET)

7. Coming up with these 7 facts was probably the hardest thing I've had to do in the last couple of weeks.

Now, who to tag!? Well lets go with @tippysparkle (which she prob won't log on for a while) , My teammate/co-worker @Stelholm (GO TEAM WW) , @X_Werewolf_X (because I haven't seen him post anything in a while) , and @AlphaLima_01 (because she posts the best food!!!)