I guess this is just for me to write and share with anyone I see fit and the RT community seems fit for that. I like writing and I'll probably open this up every now and then to write a little something something if it's relevant. For now I will just start by saying I am ever so pleased to be part of the RT community and most importantly part of RTNY. That group has made me feel at home since the first day I met them and I could not imagine spending better days with anyone else. You guys rock and I must thank you for getting me involved into this wonderful community. I always enjoyed RT, but RTNY has showed me different sides of RT I never gave much thought to. Let's Plays, AHWU, RT shorts and many many more.

Friends new and old, I am grateful for each and everyone of you and can't wait to go further down this rabbit hole with all of you. I wouldn't want any other team by my side. #FortheKids