My 3D printer has been broken, but we managed to fix it long enough to finish my assignments, and then it broke again. Fortunately, we know how to fix it, but not why it keeps breaking.

Flash forward to now, and I've been on break for almost a week, but this hasn't meant I'm free. Almost all my coworkers have had exams, and since I haven't, I've been working at Maccas fairly consistently.

But this is good, why you may ask, I have been saving furiously to go on student exchange early next year. Last week I received my acceptance to take exchange to the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. I'm going to Ireland for 6 months :D So I want to meet up with all the RT fans I can. I also need to find accommodation, I should start looking into that.

Final thing, a few days ago I celebrated my fourth year on this site. You are all fantastic people, and I'm so glad I discovered this community.

Catch you all again soon,
Jcach out.