So i figure i actually might put up an actual journal here, seeing as i have maybe one or two legitimate entries. Woo.

WHAT'S HAPPENED RECENTLY? Well aside from being the overlord of the omniverse and ruling over this quantic thread of existence, i got hired on by Rooster Teeth as a RvB machinimator (old news woo!). Prior to this, i had worked on a fair number of live action and other misc things, so things just fell in place. So far, i've enjoyed every minute of working (even during the deathly hours) and i would not trade it for the world.

*cough* alright, with that sappy junk out the way, lemmie start this "7 facts" thing, seeing as i was tagged by @keyhole and decided, sure, why not?

1: Music. Love it. Understand it. Play it. Ever since my first crappy guitar was given to me for free, i've played nearly every single day for nearly 7 years. Since then i've picked up around 12 guitars, sold a few, learned how to do the pianos, drums, etc. My musical inspirations go as far as Guthrie Govan, The Reign of Kindo, Koji Kondo, to ERRA, Circle of Contempt, August Burns Red, Animals as Leaders, etc.

2: The Legend of Zelda is the best. Fight me otherwise. I'm a Zelda fanatic. I've played every game sans 2 (we're not counting you, CD-i), one of which i'm progressing through right now. The bottom half of my sleeve is Zelda-related (Master Sword with Triforce, and Majora's Mask) and the other arm will soon follow. If you don't think that's the coolest, fight me dammit... <3

3: Tattoos! I currently have my unfinished left arm, consisting of a fully colored koi with lotus flowers surrounding it. On the back of my arm i have the Kanji "Ten". On my bicep i have a skull surrounded by blue roses. The aforementioned Zelda tattoos live on the forearm, with the Master Sword and Triforce on one side, Majora's Mask on the other, all garnished in blue roses. My chest is completely lineart right now, but it's a winged clock with a dagger driven through the center of it. Banner below reads "You will never fly fast enough to make time stand still." My right arm has two bands that swap at one point, effectively making both bands the same entity. The plan for the right arm is to get the Hylian shield, opposite of the master sword, and the sheikah symbol on the other side of the arm.

4: First Games?! So, as far as i can remember, my very first experience with any sort of game was on the NES. Back then, top of the line hardware, fantastic band name, excellent machine! The game i was given as my first? Goddamn Castlevania. Being the 3-4 year old that i was, i don't think i ever got past the second stage, and TO THIS DAY it still gives me a hard time. Yeesh. After that i was introducted to Doom, then shortly after, one of my true loves of gaming: Quake. Countless hours were spent in every Quake. I played competitively in 3 Arena, i know the entire layout of Quake 2's levels, every gun, every powerup, etc. BRB Playing Quake 2..

Alright, enough of Quake 2..

5: I studied Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Amazing, great. Knowledge. Alrighty.

6: I have near eidetic memory I can remember things pretty well in vivid detail, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on the situation. Seriously, there's some dreams that i can't get rid of... fucking pants.

7: I have a deep distaste for onions, any sort of pie, lasagna, meatloaf, avocados, and almost every sort of seafood, save for calamari. Yup. Fight me.

Alrighty, i guess that's it. I guess i have to tag someone now.

No, something.


(yes i know it probably will not respond)