First things first, hi. I quit my job last week. BOOM! Start with a bomb James, get their attention. Suck them in, make them want more. Wow James, you should a professional author... Wait come back!
So yeah, I started my job as just another bartender and about a month later I was one of the managers.
I won't go into exact details, but the owners husband (who thinks of himself as the owner) was a knob. Like one of the worst kind of people I've met. On top of this my hours got cut because winter is coming (thanks for warning Robb). So yeah, I had enough and quit. Well I handed in a notice because I didn't want to leave on bad terms, or screw over my colleagues. Woo.

Also, noticed I've been absent in the Community Hunter front? Well I don't have a capture card. No capture card means no videos. HOWEVER. I have a new one arriving tomorrow. Speaking of one. I have one a Xbox One that is. Woop. So you know how I like to make plans and never follow them through. Well I probs will this time. So future for CH from me? What about it, a new show maybe? Featuring sexy @The_Hybrid maybe? And a special video for the new year maybe? So call me maybe?

Oh also, who wants a Christmas Card (Holiday Card or whatever you politically correct people say). If you do just DM where to send it and what your name is obviously. Have a great day, week, December, 2014.
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