Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has been on tv for 50 years. I've been on this site over 1/5 that time which is crazy as well (though I totally missed the official date).

Anyway though, how you folks doing? Things are pretty mellow here in Iowa. I've been doing the daily grind. I work at Nationwide and hit my 3 year mark last month. While it isn't the most exciting thing it does pay my bills. In fact, the last couple years my finances have come together a little better than many previous ones. I'm still not able to do a whole lot and if my car were to die I'd be screwed. However, I don't have nearly as many stressful times dealing with money.

I'm still booking bands here as well. This time of year things really die down and that is intentional. The holidays aren't a time to risk losing a little doh. Not like bands tour through a lot with the weather anyhow. In the meantime I still spend a good portion of time a the venue that host the vast majority of shows as a door guy. I was complemented Sunday for being "the most patient door man ever seen" from someone who saw me toss someone out the week before. It was strange but it was a sincere compliment, the kid appreciated it and meant it so it was pretty cool to hear.

I'm am basically done xmas shopping (in case you were wondering) for the season. I usually try to knock it out in about a day. Amazon is an amazing site I tell you! I also purchased a plane ticket for my daughter and well see her for a week starting the 26th. I'm excited to see her and we have a good number of things planned already. I'm forcing her to watch Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

Not much else going on other than that. I'm playing video games a bit more with it getting cold (which also means I'm getting lazy again) and am waiting for the ice to freeze so broomball in the park can start. I am seriously thinking of getting a pair of skates as well. We have a skating plaza on the river downtown or I could hit the pond prior to a game. Either way it'd be fun.

Anyone on here still have an xbox 360? I've been kinda wanting to play Left for Dead again. Or HALO...or whatever.

Hope all is well. Now back to listening to a hockey game for me.