So if you don't know already me and the sexy @The_Hybrid have launched our new series for Community Hunter, Plot Twist. The concept of the show is, one person knows a game, the other has no clue. They are asked questions within a time limit and then have to explain the plot. After this the person who knows the game says everything they got wrong and what the plot actually is. The first episode is up. Plot Twist - Banjo Kazooie
And the next episode has already been recorded and will be live next week. It will be on Gears of War.
We have a list of potential episodes which currently has around 30-40 games. That's not including however games that neither of us has played, we have plans to do something special with them. If you have any suggestions of games you may like to see, leave them as a comment on the video or this journal. Even if we have both played them, there may be plans for something different with them in the future :3