so i guess my family's celebrating christmas tomorrow and didn't tell me until last night.

i've been shopping all day and only bought like 3 gifts. christmas shopping is hard.

On to burnsville! I went to MOA for like 3 hours and barely got anything. also it was hot as balls and packed holy shit. i have to go back out into the wilderness again. also i need food. and fucking CHAD decided to either hide or get rid of all our spices. and basically everything in the corner cupboard thing. /sigh i had already prepared to make sloppy joes and i go and fuckin look and OH all the EVERYTHING is missing. jesus fuck, come on mane...
i'll just go to culver's or some shit. goddammit.

yeah oh btw my fam's celebrating christmas early because they're leaving for a trip on tuesday. i think. yeah, no one ever tells me anything. i didn't even know that they were going to hawaii until like two or three weeks ago MAYBE. and they didn't invite me. like, my whole family's going exept me