Well I'm not dead so everyone can stop worrying ( Unless you weren't in which case why am I trying? :P )

So yea I know I have been away from the site for quite awhile now, but here is the stuff that has happened to past 3 weeks:

I have been dealing with finals as I'm sure a lot of you have been busy with and just got through with them back in December 11th. So I was hugely relieved about that and really went to personally relax the best way I know how. Unfortunately....my sponsorship expired as well so I no longer have the fun stuff most people have now D:

Now for the bright side of things, I did get something really cool this week and take a look at it what it is...


That's right I finally got me an Xbox one and also have the new Halo: The Master Chief Collection! So I'm looking forward to playing this with all the fun people in the community currently playing this right now.

I might return to doing some new drawings and work on some stories soon, but until then I wanted to let you all know that I'm back and getting caught up with what I have been missing out. I hope you all are having an outstanding Holiday and hope to hear from all of you.