Hey! Hi! Hello!
Merry Christmas guys smiley0.gif

There's just something about sitting in a cosy living room whilst thinking about all the roast potatoes you'll get to eat tomorrow that makes you want to write a journal about the last year. I couldn't be any happier at this moment in time and I thought right now would be a perfect time to do said round up. You guys have all gone on a little bit of an up and down journey with me this year and I am so so appreciative of that. One of my many 2015 aims is to definitely try and show that appreciation in any way that I can, I love being here in this community I really do.

A Negative Nelly
I don't really know how or why Gloomy Gertrude, proud of myself on that one, turned up this year but she has definitely not taken enough of a hold on my year to realise just how wonderful it's really been.

smiley9.gif My year started off with a trip to the HP Studio Tour and whilst I had/have a job it's only casual hours so I don't really get to take many trips as it would be at my familys expense but I'm hoping to go back there maybe in the new year. I just love the idea of getting to do little trips with the people I care about and I hope to make many more memories like it.
smiley9.gif I turned 18! What an I can finally drink all the alcohol I never touch milestone. It sounds silly to say but I honestly think I changed once I hit eighteen. It seemed like all my teenage stroppiness and crappy aspects of my personality just disappeared and I couldn't be happier about that.
smiley9.gif Italy was a massive turning point in helping me be that little bit more confident on my own. I know that it hardly worked out as I've left university but I definitely wouldn't have managed for the whole three months if it wasn't for that experience. It's a wonderful place and whenever I hopefully get to travel one day I know that's a place going straight on my to visit list.
smiley9.gif Uni is kind of an "eh" period that you all know about by now so I'm just gonna gloss over that, though I am happy it's something I can say for now that I tried.
smiley9.gif Oh and my favourite thing that happened which even thinking about makes me smile, is having the wonderful @isaywhat come into my life. It's funny how you can look back at something horrible whilst actually being glad it happened. James came into my life at my absolute worst point only a couple of months ago but every single day since he has just made me happier and happier. I could not feel any luckier nor happier that I get to call him mine and whilst we have only known each other for that short time I'm really excited to start and continue my 2015 with him smiley12.gif

I really really do love each and every one of you on here and I hope that in someway I can begin to show you all that in the new year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
- Lauren x