I'm quite prepared for this to be an unpopular opinion, but if the opinions of the people who have been offended are important and has to be respected then so does my opinion.

The second you start trying to dictate what is ok and what is not ok to make a joke about you have lost my respect, it's very simple, either everything is free game or nothing is. I don't give a fuck what the subject is, I really don't. It's all or nothing.

Being offended doesn't grant you any special rights, people throw that around so much these days as if it's some fucking badge of honour. All you achieve by doing this is having a winge, it was the same she the first cards against humanity streamed people where outraged at something said in a game that is supposed to be offensive and rallied agains it. Sure I've been offended in my time, but you know what I kept that shit to myself, because it was MY problem, just like you being offended is YOUR problem, there's no need to spread that shit around because you think you're some special fucking snowflake.

The company that provides you with entertainment is not obligated to protect your delicate sensibilities, get the fuck over it.