Last night, I had a dream so crazy that it must be shared before it fades from my memory.

So like many dreams, we unfortunately start in the middle of the story. I am with all of Achievement Hunter and their families in Japan. We are at some monumental celebration, with fireworks, dancers, the whole shebang. However, Gavin and I weren't there just as AH guys(because I was part of the group, YES!). We were spies investigating, of all things, NAZIS(What else?). We sneak off from the rest of the group to investigate and find a nuclear submarine, because I don't know. Somehow, in a matter of seconds, Gavin and I develop the plan to sneak aboard and overload the coolants with these ice bombs we just happen to have, which will destroy the ship's structural integrity AND cause the reactor to go critical, with the sub hopefully at the bottom of the ocean when it blows. I sneak aboard with the bombs, Gavin is playing lookout. I get two placed, but then I'm spotted. I remember saying "Oh, fudgebunnies."(That's my favorite expletive, along with beefkittens) The nazis chase me off the ship, where I scream for Gavin to detonate the bombs. He does so, which doesn't destroy the ship, but cripples it and kills a large portion of the crew. Two of the nazis are chasing me as we swim to shore. One tries to kill me, but Gavin takes him out. The other one snuck up behind Gavin and tried to kill him, but Geoff, who apparently was watching the entire encounter, came up from behind and snapped his neck. We had a short conversation where we explained the situation, and thanked Geoff for his help(I should mention that Geoff was completely dressed in Grif's armor, I don't know why), but to maintain secrecy, we had to kill him. To his credit, Geoff completely understood, and asked that we make sure his family is protected. So I put my comically large pistol to the bag of his head and pulled the trigger. The gun misfired three times. On the fourth try, it worked, but the bullet merely bounced off Geoff's head. Gavin and I stared for a bit, then shrugged our shoulders and declared that fate decided he should live. Gavin and I decided to end our spy work and the three of us vowed to never speak of this again, then we returned to the party, where we hugged our families and started celebrating.

Then I woke up.