...except when it pertains to your future career path.

A week ago, I submitted my last of 3 applications to graduate school in film programs. Now, I have to wait for somebody... ANYBODY to contact me, hopefully with a favorable response.

The 3 schools that I applied to are:
1) UCLA: Film Production/Directing
2) UT Austin: Radio, Film, & Television Production
3) Columbia College Chicago: Cinema Art + Science - Cinema Directing

The wait might literally kill me. Beer can only deter that for so long.

The reason why I wanted to share this update here is because, frankly... I wouldn't be doing this at all if it weren't for this site. For Rooster Teeth. The work provided by Rooster Teeth and its community has played a massive part in inspiring my dream of being a filmmaker and actor. My dream of entertaining people.
It wasn't some overly-artistic, avant garde piece of crap that inspired me. It was the highly entertaining films and videos that enthralled the masses, including myself. As I've discovered, being entertained is great, but no feeling in the world compares to being the entertainer. I love it every time I get to do it, and I want that to be my living.

Whatever happens, I'm glad my dad (wired_tl) showed me Red Vs Blue 12 years ago.