I'm not stressed at all about this semester. I should be, but I'm not. For the first time ever in Manchester, I'm doing four classes in a semester, and a few of them are not gonna be easy (Intro to Literature and US History I). Aside from that, I'm slightly nervous as to how my other two classes, Intro to Theater and Intro to Computers, will be. (Yes, Intro to Computers is a gen ed course at my future school. Stupid shit, I know.)

Rate My Professor, which the college utilizes for end-of-semester feedback, gave my Intro to Computers professor three stars out of five, citing that she is disrespectful, questions peoples' intelligence, and does not fully answer peoples questions about things they need to know before an exam or whatever. My Theater professor has not been rated at Manchester because she's coming from another school, apparently, but I needed to order like five books for her class, so I'm afraid of having a ton of reading to do on top of a ton of reading AND writing for my Literature class and US History.

Is my situation normal?