I've seen two journals this morning about dreams. So I'm sharing one that still sticks out in my head from... a month and a half ago or so.

It was a nice late Wednesday morning. Warm, sunny, not a cloud to be seen. Cool stuff, right? I imagine so. On a whim, I decide to go outside and take it all in. Then, I hear a low, bass-filled hum coming from the sky. Naturally, I think it's like two or three planes all heading in different directions on different approaches to one or more of three different airports we have in my area. I look up in the sky, and to my surprise, I was actually kinda wrong. It was three planes, yes, but they were all flying in the same direction, like a flyover. And they belonged to an organization I'd been a part of since I was 14. (For legal purposes, I won't reveal the name, but if you really want to know, then just do some research on my profile and you'll find the name. Please don't comment if you do.)

What scared me the most was what I saw next. Out of nowhere, I see parts of the sky go from the light blue that we know and associate with clear, sunny sky, and they darkened. Not to grey, but to a darker blue. And these parts were also shaped like planes. But they weren't small craft like what my organization flies, no, they were much, MUCH bigger. Like C-5s, but even bigger than that. They were carrying something huge. And that bass-filled hum wasn't that much of a hum anymore. It was the sound of full-on jet engines. Those plane outlines dropped a few thousand feet out of the sky, so that the camouflage that they had with the color blue became very obvious, and that jet engine sound was vertical thrusters that had been installed on the planes to keep them from crashing when they do that. Mind you, all of these aircraft were flying in the same direction: north.

By the time those behemoths had gotten to their desired altitudes, they were no longer dark blue. They were grey. All of a sudden, fighter jets start passing over my house at very high speed. It was clear enough that they had their afterburners on. More fighter jets flew out the back of the gigantic planes, then turned around and started following the other fighters. Then, I start seeing puffs of black smoke in the sky, like spontaneous bursts of black smoke among the tens of hundreds of aircraft. But what happened next was confirmation that this was no exercise. I see more fighter jets. They were shaped differently from the jets I was seeing fly north. And they were going south instead.

All of a sudden, it hit me: it's an all-out dogfight over my house. And I'm not only the only one here, but I have nowhere to go. All of my cars are gone. In total horror, I have to stay and watch as I see American and Russian aircraft get blasted to pieces right over my house. An F-15 takes a damning hit from a MiG, and the fuselage is heading straight down toward my property. It crashes into my dad's garage, which is separate from my house, destroying it. The behemoths are doing everything they can to stop these MiGs from causing too much damage to the ground, so turrets pop out of the sides of these planes and open fire on the fighters, shredding them to pieces and the now pieces of the fighters quickly start losing altitude and hitting the ground.

I have a few close calls with some stray bullets from the turrets, but I'm OK. Then, a MiG hits one of my planes and it gets wrecked. There isn't even a fuselage left, all that's left from the hit is a wing and propeller tips. One of the prop tips heads down to my house and gets lodged in the end of my room near my computer. I head up to my room to assess the damage, and miraculously, everything is fine, except of course for my ceiling and my floor.

Who wins? I have no idea, I had woken up too early to find out. I think we won, but I'm not sure if the Russians had equivalents to the behemoths the Americans had which dropped out of the sky in the beginning of the dream. I didn't even see any helicopters, it was all fixed-wing aircraft. Also, I hadn't played any war-like video games in weeks, including Call of Duty, and I hadn't seen any super suspenseful movies that involved shit blowing up.

But yeah, that's my dream.