i have seizure free close to 9 month so i have been able to get my driver license had that at 6 month seizure free. still haven't been able to get a job even at the factory in town that employee most of mine and surrounding towns.been living good still though been scraping metal to get a Little bit of an income. it enough at the moment as I'm still living at home.crazy hyper new dog we got when my other dog passed bring a new kind of life in to this home not unexpected from a boxer though this dog is way hyper off the charts hyper we named him chewwbacca we just call him chewy to keep keep with the sci-fi names we have for our pets 7 of 9(Lab) ,chewy(Boxer) ,captain picard(bird). Got an xbox one for christmas been playing that and watching net flix here lately.got titanfall,assassin creed unity,master chief collection,i have destiny but haven't been able to get it to work.