well I'll explain I never had knew my genetic grandfather's the only grandpas I have ever known are the one that i have had in my church these men have have been the only experience I have had with grandpas as my parents dads died before I was born. I was born and raised as a church kid the elders in the church took care of being my grandparent weather that be spoiling with candy or making sure i knew what i was doing was wrong or teaching me how to use tools one of these elder in the church died Tuesday I've always considered him my grandpa he had a stroke.been a busy week setting up for a funeral the past few days picking up people from airport tomorrow then Saturday making 20lb homemade mash potatoes grandpa knew hundreds of people affected everyone of there lives in some way or another.one thing I know is that he is going up to heaven. hard working man never went by his house without him doing something. life has been tough the last couple of days but every thing. is done except food and people showing up.one good thing is I will be able to see people I haven't seen in years.death of family is not easy but the only way for me to work through it is to believe they are in heaven celebrating and wanting us to the same.

in honor of J.P