Monty was and always will be someone who inspires me to draw and always push for what I want out of life. I first ran across a video that Monty had made back in 2007 and fell in love with the animation. On that day, I was having a hard time. I had been drawing for a few years and was proud of what I did. I decided to show off some of my drawings, which unfortunately got a lot of negative reviews. I wanted to continue drawing because I loved it, but I felt like I wasn't that good because of these reviews. Seeing Monty's video inspired me to continue. I was inspired further when I found Rooster Teeth and saw that none other than Monty was a part of the animation crew. Every day I draw, I feel extremely happy that I never quit. Even though I never got to meet Monty, he inspired me to do something that I love and can't imagine my life without. He's touched countless people and will always be in our hearts.

I <3 you Monty