I'm shocked and saddened by the passing of Monty Oum.

Clearly, everyone else on this site is too. I remember feeling bad after reading Burnie's initial post, but also anxious because I wanted to know what had happened. Now, I wish I didn't.

Monty was the same age as me. We both work in digital entertainment in the animation department. We both like RT. It was weird reading about someone similar to me not being fired, laid off, quitting, or transferring as so often happens in this industry, but dying. Actually dying and for no real good reason it seems; an allergic reaction gone fatally wrong.

Last week SEGA laid off 300 people and prior to that DreamWorks scuttled PDI, but as tragic as those events in this industry were, those people still exist to create away another day. Monty does not and although his work and vision will forever live on, he was interrupted before he could pen its final chapter. You will be missed, Monty.