I am so sad to hear of Monty's passing. I learned about him, as many of us did, after his amazing "Haloid" video and an interview one of the gaming websites did with him. He was obviously a very self-motivated, talented young man. When Roosterteeth hired him I was so thrilled for both him and Roosterteeth; I knew it would be a wonderful match. I'm going to sound like the old 50-year-old lady I am, but one thing that strikes me about the modern day is the way people can hear about and pay tribute when they hear of a death of someone that has affected them in some way. It is so sad, but truly wonderful, that so many people loved Monty so much and they have a forum like Roosterteeth to share their feelings and grieve together. And it is also very odd, but special, that Monty will live on in his motion capture work... I'm sure we all recognize some of his signature moves in his animations.

Goodbye, Monty, you were an amazing young man. And I send my deepest sympathies for his family and close friends.