Monty, You were a inspiration to us all. You worked so hard on everything you did and it was all amazing. Never have I ever heard or seen someone who cared more about their own work and how dedicated they were to it. Your work is amazing and it will be held dear to all of us.You inspired me to animate and I always looked up to you and your work. I would dream of wanting to meet you in person and show you some of my animations I've done and wanted to you to critique my work so it would be better. You were the definition of the working man with the countless hours you put into your animations and your work will go down in history. You were so admired by others with the beautiful animations and your sense of humor. I had the chance to meet you at RTX last year but I was too awestruck and nervous to work up the courage to talk to you and now I regret not being able to work up that courage. You are impacted many peoples lives and some of us wouldn't be who we are today if it wasn't for you. We all love you and we will miss you dearly and you will always be remembered.