He still IS one.

I owe Monty so much, despite never being able to actually meet him. He was the man who made his dream a reality and paved the road that would lead me to meet the love of my life, whom i will be marrying this summer. I kept saying "the first time I. Met him, I'm going to give him a hug and tell him how grateful i am." i am sorrowful to say i will never have that chance now.

He has made me realize that literally anything can happen if you work hard enough for our. He worked himself to exhaustion in order to make his dream, and he made it into a phenomenon Across the internet. It makes me regret how lazy I've been in my life yup until now. But it inspires me to no end to see how he was able to achieve so much in his short, but amazing life.

I will strive to work with the same drive and resolve that Monty did. It's the only thing i can do left to thank him.

My prayers go out to his wife, his brothers and sisters, and all his friends.

I'll thank you in person next time, Monty.
Rest in peace.