The brightest stars, though bright they may be
Burn in the night sky so temporally
When those bright stars burn for their last moment
When the last of all their precious light has been spent

With space, time and emotions rent
When that bright star burnt its' last breath
When peacefully he suffered his death
All around him was altered
All around him haltered

Monty, we forever miss you
Monty, all is dimmer without your familiar hue
Monty, I will forever admire you.

I'm no poet, nor am I an extremely creative individual, but I was told the best way to honor our dear Monty was with creative action. Poetry is not my forte, neither are emotions, but Monty deserves both.
I was jealous of Monty, I admired Monty, I wanted to be like Monty. I never realized how much Monty meant to me until he was gone. I can only imagine how his wife, brothers, sisters, parents, colleges are feeling now. All my love, respect and what little creativity I have I give to Monty and all those affected by his passing.

With all I have Sincerely, Darien J. Hansen