Burnie: [Same proper noun] was our last studio

Gus: Right, the old studio'”

Burnie: The place where we were the last 3 years

Gus: I needed to have a meeting, we were planning for RTX 2012 I think, and the meeting room, the conference room, was taken, so I said to myself let's just go meet out in [inaudible]. So, I sat down at the table having a meeting, and we're like halfway through the meeting, and I just my feet, and I hear something under the table.

Burnie: Uh oh

Gus: What the hell is that? Monty was curled up taking a nap, I guess he was on his off cycle from his 30 hour shift. He had just decided to take a nap right there next to his computer, and I was like, we've been having this meeting for like 15 minutes. He's just out. I was like we gotta go somewhere else.

Gray: Normally you just have to peel him off of his keyboard, he's just sort of, you know, passed out right at his work station.

Burnie: It was also, it was one of the frustrating thing with working with him too was he was always creating stuff, so we'd be coming up on a major deadline for animation, sometimes it would be 30 weeks in a row, we were working on something, and I'm like hey there's a deadline in 2 weeks. Monty what are you doing. I'm making, I've been spending the last week of my time making these mechanized robotic angel wings and he's like, look, I attached it to a servo and can make them flex on their own, it's for a cosplay. I was like, that's'”cool. Can you not do that [inaudible]. He just built that. He thought wouldn't it be cool to have robot angel wings. I'm gonna do that and he built them himself'”

Gray: I don't know of a time where he wasn't working on 3 things at once. Yeah, constantly , he [inaudible] could be crunching on anything and there's the show in front of him, there's the next thing he's designing on the side, I just'”for a video game, or what have you, but then he's always thinking one year out in terms of like, the next show he'd want to do

Gus: You know you talk about how he's always building things and taking things apart and putting them back together, you know that emoji with the hearts for eyes? I think that was his face when he saw the 3D printer.

Burnie: Yeah! I said that to his sister that the 3D printer showed up and immediately went to Monty's desk somehow, I don't know how that happened

Gray: One man [inaudible] make right now. Yeah I don't really know how many times he had them on the phone because he needed new parts, he just drove into the ground, or just finding new ways to try and improve it. Well if you guys [inaudible] did this gear this way'”break, blah blah blah, and he gave him so much feedback it was crazy.

Gus: The thing was constantly in production, printing, making stuff-

Burnie: Monty bought, yeah. It was definitely a big part of Monty's life was dealing with the limitations of things, I always feel like Monty was constantly coming [inaudible] limitations but also having a appreciation for those limitations, because he's always thought the limitations made him that much more creative, trying to figure out how to get that boundless entertainment that he wanted to create, but within those limitations that were just forced onto him when he was making entertainment essentially.

Gus: I mean, we saw him and we talked about his way to come around limitations you know, with creative solutions, like ripping keys off a keyboard so that he won't'”

Burnie: Yeh I was first'”

Gus: He came down, we bought him a really expensive, really nice laptop.

Burnie: Let's call it what it is, we got him a nice computer that anyone else in the company had. It was a big deal.

Gus: We were so shoestring-ed. The company had not bought me a computer yet. I was buying my own computer and bringing my own computer to work. And we bought him the super nice laptop, I was so jealous, and literally one day later like half the keys are ripped off.

Burnie: First thing he did was take a screwdriver and jammed it into the CAPS lock key and jam it off and then the F1 key and pop it off

Gus: What are you doing? He was like, oh if I hit that, it messes up the way I work and the programs, so i just want to make sure i never hit it. And I was like that makes perfect sense'”it was so hard to look at.

Burnie: I did not know, this escaped my attention, my desk that I made, when we were at [proper noun] I lost like an office and then I was kind of free-floating after a while. Monty ended up with my desk.

Gray: Was yours the hydraulic one?

Burnie: The plywood one, yeah. And of course, he was building something on it and completely burned a part of it. Deep gouges in it now.

Matt: Monty ruined a lot of desks. Actually I was looking at pictures the other day, just going through all photo's, and I came across one I had forgotten about and I showed it to [name]. It was a moment Monty off handedly said, oh I think I scratched that desk, I might need a new one. Like oh OK. And then I came down and I looked at it and the desk was eviscerated. It was completely destroyed. Had chemical stains from all the crazy stuff he would use for his epoxies it was just, it was nuts.

Burnie: He burned his own face. Chemically burned his own face once, one summer. Right before Comic-Con, like was working with epoxies mixed together and wiped his face and then had huge burns on his face. I was like, Monty that is not good. You shouldn't be doing that kind of things.

Matt: It was more efficient than using gloves.

Burnie: It was

Matt: He was busier.

Burnie: What is your absolute favorite Monty Oum efficiency tip?

Matt: The microwave. It's gotta be the microwave.

Burnie: Right? It has to be the microwave.

Gus: For people who don't know the microwave, it's if you have to put something in the microwave for a minute, instead of hitting 6-0 you hit 55.

Burnie: Right

Gus: Cause it's one number, and it's pretty much a minute.