Gray: That extra second you would take to move your hand to hit the different keys was too much repetitively.

Burnie: I think there was another layer where he'd go 5-8, do it like in a row'”

Matt: He would figure it out with his digits. Like what was the best way to'”

Gus: '”make his way down to the ENTER button

Matt: He was so obsessed with the efficiency stuff, like the last time he was over at the house I was washing dishes, I was talking, he's like looking at me, and I could tell he wasn't paying attention to what I was saying, he was just looking at the sink, and after a minute he says, your sink is not very efficient. I was like, What? How can a sink be more efficient? It's just like a bowl you just tilt the hole there's not much to it. And he's like, I can find a way; I'll make you a better sink.

Burnie: I'll make you a better sink, is that what he said? He'll 3D print you a sink.

Matt: 3D print me a sink. [everyone laugh's]

Gray: I think Monty's personal responsible for me finally learning Windows OS keyboard shortcuts. We were, you know, there was'”he would go a little quite, or occasionally you would just get a hint of a sigh if we're doing editorial reviews, and if you dare use the mouse the navigate to get the file up or whatever, those are precious seconds.

Gus: Another computer story, he held onto windows XP forever, because he didn't like the windows 7 interface.

Gray: Yeah'”

Gus: Because it changes some of his shortcuts and then finally, we just couldn't not buy a new computer with windows XP. I'm like, I'm sorry, I can make it look like windows XP, we went through with like'”

Matt: He was searching on Ebay and like everywhere, he's like, this is the computer I want, because it's like, windows from 20 years ago. He would just not move.

Burnie: Yeah it has be like poser 95 too.

Gus: I would be calling manufacturer's like, listen, i want the computer you have for sale on your website, but I don't want the OS, can we just get an old copy of windows XP, and they're like, no we don't have the driver's for it. I know you got a guy, you got someone who should be able to do this, eventually gotta move off of that onto Windows 7. And then we had to go through and adjust the theme to give it that XP, that classic feel. All the arrows stuff took too much resources. He didn't want his computer wasting time generating all those flourishes when he could be rendering faster and doing those other things.

Gray: There is that, and of course, if you think he's that way about his OS, for sure he's that way about his animation software, where we're like, Hey man new version of whatever. Well this one's doing what I need it to do. You don't wanna go to this other tool? No, this is the one I'm fastest at right now. It does what I need it to do. We're good.

Burnie: Well people on Twitter are saying we already told the podcast story before about Monty and the microwave. They are just keeping the dream alive for Monty. I kind of sort of have to point out, you don't have to call us on that. That's OK.

Matt: I just, there were so many cool things about Monty, and I just think that the way he lived his life, where he just,he didn't care. You know what I mean? About what anything else thought. He was just gonna go out and do it. It was really cool. I remember one time we went to, the like really, the first big award show we've ever been to. Like Hollywood award show, the Producer's Guild Award's, and it was'”

Burnie: Yeah

Matt: It was us, and a few people that worked on and Monty was'”Monty was with us and Burnie and I had rented really nice tux's and were like ya know, gonna look spiffy for the red carpet, because we had to walk down the red carpet and were like literally behind LL Cool J, and Monty had gone and made himself one of his amazing outfits he makes, and looked of course completely different than anybody else at the red carpet. And we go out for the walk, and we walk across and all these flashbulbs had been going off, people taking pictures, and you hear the [Camera Shutter] like machine gun sound of camera's going off for all these celebrities and as soon as Burnie and I walked through, all the camera's turned off. It was a deafening silence.

Burnie: Everybody took time to do maintenance on their camera's, like OK let's me search these settings'”

Matt: Who are these guys? Two idiots, just let them pass through, like they didn't take one picture of us. Maybe one, the guy was like, OK fine. Ya know, and we get to the other side. And Monty walks up looking super cool, and like, ya know, somebody out of this world, you know he's like always'”walked in'”a grand entrance'”

Burnie: He was always prepared of Michael Jackson or K-POP video brokeout'”

Matt: And all the camera's, sure enough, go [camera shutter], and their just taking pictures of Monty like crazy, it was like, this guy's gonna be somebody. And he was somebody.

Burnie: Remember he walked up to Russel Simmons? He saw Russel Simmons, world famous producer, he goes I think I know him, then wandered across and said, Hi. Russel goes, what? and looked to Monty and goes [Nods]. Good little nod.

Gray: I can't think of another rockstar animator.

Matt: He was a rockstar

Gray: Yeah. So the last couple of RTX's, you know for one thing'”we're gonna have to up our game in terms of our fashion sense. I mean, yeah, he would occasionally say something like, you guy's, c'mon, you wear this to the office everyday, you have your Converse and your T-shirts and the jeans and what not or whatever'”

Matt: Where are your robotic wings? You gotta get on that.

Gray: His entrances at the panels were something to behold.

Gus: Back at RTX 2012, we'”rented a Pump It Up machine and put it on the floor so that he could go out and dance on it, basically exhibition's showing people how awesome he was. We had this giant banner printed up, I don't know if you remember it, it said, Monty Oum experience.

Matt: Oh yeah