Gus: I found it the other day, a couple weeks ago, maybe a couple months ago, going through storage and'”I thought nobody wants this right. I grabbed Monty and said, Hey do you remember the Monty Oum experience banner? I found it, you want it? He goes, absolutely. He came and grabbed it, took it back.

Burnie: Hung it in his bedroom

Gus: I don't know where it is, but he kept it. It was an awesome photo, it was really really cool. We're gonna have to do something with that.

Gray: Yeah, we'”uh I think over time, the store banner's of people'”

Matt: Yeah

Gray: Yeah, kinda like it was the master of the dojo, we had his head up there, downstairs at 636 for the longest time. But you guys, so it sounds like some people have stopped by his office in the last week or so, have you been by?

Burnie: Yeah I went by earlier this week. And then we took his sister Tia on a walk through as well. Yeah, it's different, you know, it's different to see it. Monty also, he also did work from home a lot, you know, just because he liked the work wherever he was most confortable.

Matt: He worked in the car sometimes. While driving!'”

Burnie: At coffee shops, you know when he was out of town he would do that too. Vacations were like torture, seemed like for Monty sometimes.

Matt: Yeah we'”

Gray: I don't remember a vacation he ever took where he didn't bring at least 1 laptop and the latest assets for the show he was working on or what not. He would always come back and he would have like 3 more characters built, and you know, the next fight ready to go. I'm like, you were supposed to be having downtime. For him that was downtime.

Gus: I think it was PAX East 2013, where we were flying up there, and our flight was supposed to be Austin to Dallas to Boston but the Dallas to Boston flight got cancelled, so I had to scramble and I rebooked all of us to fly into New York, and then we had to rent a van from New York to Boston, and we were gonna be premiering the Blake trailer at that PAX East, so we landed in New York, and it was like a 3 hour drive to get from Boston, so we got in the car and started driving, and Monty busted out his laptop. And the whole time he worked until the laptop stopped until the battery was gone, you know, closed it up, then he powered down. I think we have an RT life video of that, and I think Kerry's back there, he just put his head down and powered down and Kerry started, I think it was Kerry, someone started like filming him in powered down mode, and without moving his head, he reached out and punched the camera. He knew exactly where [the camera] was. It was so badass, and I was sorry I only got to see it in the rearview mirror, I wish I had been back there.

Matt: He did have eyes not just in the back of his head, [but] like everywhere, it was crazy. We talked about before how he could watch all those monitor's simultaneously. And it did seem like if there was a foreign object flying at him from somewhere like we were at, I think PAX, where the guy came up to him and threw the lemon'”

Gray: Lemon punch, yeah

Matt: '”and just, Smack! and punched it right back at the guy, that was hilarious.

Gus: I think, yeah, that was amazing. That's one of the standout memories that I always equate with Monty. I feel lucky to have been on the stage and to have seen that first hand.

Burnie: I think one of the hardest things in this is, like Gray was saying earlier, Monty was always working, working on new stuff, we had just been in the process of talking with Monty about like, what was next. That's how RWBY came about, you know, Monty had done about 3 seasons for Red Vs. Blue. We said, you know, Monty, this show's gonna last a long time, and you can be lead animator for years and years, but is there something that you wanna do? He said, let me show you this. The first thing he showed me was a scythe that turned into a gun. And I said, OK I'm sold, this looks good whatever it is. Then he made the RWBY Red trailer himself as like a test concept, and the stuff that Monty was working on'”I think the saddest part in all of this is just, there's a lot of RWBY left that Monty's worked on. And you know he's talked with us over the years, talked with his team, basically hand selected himself, to tell them idea's that he's had for it and places where he wanted to see it go, so I feel safe in that, but I do feel sad in the loss of those things that we'll never see, the work that he just didn't have time to make.

Gray: There's um'”yeah I think the question of, what would Monty do is probably gonna be coming up a lot. We were talking about the office a little bit ago. We were wondering, do we close the door, do we leave it open, no, we're gonna leave it open. It's'”if you're looking for a little spark of crazy genius I highly recommend just standing in there for a moment, and seeing what shakes loose.

Burnie: You might find something like a desk of yours.

Gray: Varius pieces of missing furniture. It's not going to be the same, can't be, but we can only, we can be inspired by him, and we can keep raising the bar.

Burnie: Yeah, that's a big part of what Monty did, in my life, was keep raising the bar. You always say Gray, he always said,

Burnie:Keep Moving Forward
Gray: Keep Moving Forward

Gray: I lost count of how many times I heard him say it.

Burnie: Keep Moving Forward.