Gray: Whether you were in the middle of a production'”there's always, you know, once or twice a year there's this sort of bittersweet moment after being in the trenches with everybody for months and months at a time, production needs to wind down, and you're not entirely sure the next one is gonna start. You know it's coming but you can't say for sure. And we would gather folks and he would tell, just survive the next couple of months, go do something creative, go study, go explore, go refill your creative well as it were. But keep moving forward, and then we'll all get back together again and we will keep moving on the next thing. And it's, you know, throughout every single day of the last week in a half, I don't know when I haven't [think?] of that now.

Matt: I love that was a phrase of his because, you know, kinda thinking of these things until you have the benefit of hindsight but that's'”sum up Monty entirely, where he had to keep moving, he had to keep doing, he had to keep creating. Being Monty which was an amazing thing to be, and I'm really glad he left us with as a mantra. He inspired us in a lot of ways and he will continue to inspire us.

Burnie: Yeah, he, you know, it's very sad that Monty's gone, but he accomplished so much in 33 years. If you think about everything that he's done, the work, Red Vs. Blue, creating his own show that's loved by millions of people, it's gonna be distributed now in Asia by Warner Brothers. It's just amazing, it's like Monty had a sense of time, his limited time because of the urgency that he had in his life, and in a way his greatest enemy at the end of it all was basically time, dying at 33 is just such a tragedy, you know, and he made the absolute most of those years and made the most out of literally every moment, he tried to make it as good as it could possibly be, on a smaller level whenever we were working on projects it was always time was the factor, of this has to come out, I want to make it bigger and better, bigger and better, bigger and better, and then it's just always time was always the limiting part of it to him. I remember there was a couple times, I mean we were done'” a lot of times people just wanted the relief of the person in charge saying, OK, this is done, it's locked, we're out. Monty's like, I think I have one more scene. I'm like, Monty please, please, we have no'”we need to burn the CD tomorrow morning it's 7 AM there's not time for 8 more shots. The sequence we're talking about, I think we can do it. And there's like several times that we did it because Monty drove that, like I want to get this done, and he did it, and he got it done.

Gray: Some of my most favorite touches on productions from the last couple of years are things that we got in there the last night. Yeah, you've got everything planned out, the scene was fine as it is, then he had one more cool idea. And like, screw it, we don't need to sleep tonight right, c'mon let's go for it, c'mon, pain is temporary, heart is forever, let's go ahead and knock this thing out.

Gus: [inaudible] those 30 hour days'” what's wrong with you.

Burnie: Well we wanted to come on tonight because, you know, Monty was somebody who really valued working and really liked doing it. He still did enjoy his life, some of you are learning for the first time that he was married last year, married [proper name], didn't talk about that very much publicly, although they were inseparable for the course of the last year and a half. You know, like I said at the top of the show, if we can miss one podcast for Monty's sake when we were all at the hospital taking care of him, or doing what we could do, but there was no way in hell we could get away with missing two on his behalf. There's no way he would've tolerated that. We do wanna thank you all for tuning in tonight. We said it upfront this would probably be a shorter version of the podcast and'”I just want to say how much we miss Monty already. You guys have any closing thoughts?

Gus: Big fan. I was a big fan.

Burnie: Alright, well we actually prepared a short video to show you of Monty's work, he's a very bright light, burned for a short time, 33 years, but we love him very much. I miss you Monty.