I know I am late on making a journal entry regarding Monty, but I wanted to at least make something special before I get right into posting this. So I greatly apologize in advance and hope you all understand.

I have only seen Monty during my first RTX in 2014 and have never had the honor of meeting him. However, I did find his work on both Red vs Blue and RWBY to be something truly extraordinary. In fact, it was because of his work that I began to realize I had a creative side of me I never knew I had before, which was a complete shock for me and my family. I even started out making my own RWBY OC team based on everything I saw within the world of RWBY (or Remnant to make more sense).

It truly is sad to know that he is gone and the sad part was that I only found out about this when I my little brother called me from out of the country to tell me this. I know the news probably struck despair and sadness to Monty's Family and closet friends and I wish the best for those souls as they move forward with their lives. As for me...well I feel as though now I should drive my passions further and keep doing what I do best and see what the future holds.

So to finish my thoughts, I made these three artworks in Honor of Monty and the message each one bears:

Ruby and Yang showing the love they have for each other as sisters and friends:

Blake reading the memories of Monty in the night of the moon with a raven (Monty) watching over her:

Weiss singing in the snow as she holds onto the necklace she holds dear to her:

That is all i wish to say in regards to all this and hope for the best. Not just for Roosterteeth or Monty's family, but to you, the RT community, in whatever path you will take from here on out.

R.I.P Monty