"Explaining the depths of humanity is a challenge. I think it's a matter of empathy. It's hard to empathize with certain people, certain situations or ideas. It's easy to see pictures, or video, of the horrible and wonderful things that we are capable of, without really feeling the severity of the moment. And yet, it fascinates us. It's the reason why you can't help but sit there and watch that video of a family reunited on youtube, with a little smile on your face, though you'll never tell anyone you watched it. It's the same reason gore videos get traction. Regardless of the specific feelings you get from them, you WANT to know how it will make you feel. Curiosity draws you. Writers and artists have spend the whole of civilized history trying to convey emotion, to create feeling, but somewhere, deep down, you know that it's not close enough. The heartwrench of a loved one passed before their time, the fear of death as it draws near, the joy of bringing a life into the world, these are all things that can only be experienced to be truly understood. So how do we explain these things? How do we learn to empathize?

I am, eternally, a pessimist. I have no faith in humanity, no hope for us a species, and no belief that good will triumph. But I know good exists. I have seen it, and I do see it. It is, in all things, crushed under the weight of the cruelty, selfishness, and greed in the world, but it is never gone. Good exists, and continues to exist, and will always persist. And I guess that's something."