Some of the videos (Fails, Patch, RT Podcast) have new thumbnails and I just don't like it. They're photoshopped and have large, bold, uppercase statements with plentiful punctuation. I'm not about that life. I'm turned off from youtube videos with titles like "BENDY SLENDY: SLENDER MAN PLAYS LIMBO!!! SLENDERMAN THE ARRIVAL PT 5!!!". As cool as limbo playing slendy would be, the super hype titles and thumbnails just make me disappointed with the content that's delivered. I've always liked that RTAH has had chill thumbnails and they don't super hype the titles, but I think they're trying to merge the company with the Funhaus aesthetic (and I totally get that).

I don't want to go into every video with the preconceived notion that I should react like
cuz I very rarely will actually react that way.