I have two roommates, Morgan and Tori. Morgan and I have lived together since the beginning of the year and decided before school started to live together. She's super chill and geeky and we have a lot of things in common (ie Rooster Teeth!) and she was my photographer for yesterday's Ruby shoot.
TL;DR Morgan is the bee's knees

Tori, on the other hand, moved in just before Thanksgiving last semester. We were the third room she moved into and her move in was unexpected due to an emergency situation where shes called the cops on her neighbor for "threatening and harrassing her". I asked around that floor, to find out what happened. Her neighbor asked Tori to turn the music down, Tori said no, the neighbor said she'd complain to the RA, Tori called the cops.
Since she moved in, she's
smiley5.gif Stolen a grand total of 80$ between me and Morgan
smiley5.gif Lied about money being stolen from her.
smiley5.gif Lied about having to clean up my best friend's puke. (He slept over cuz he was a little too drunk and did throw up in the morning, but he got it all in the toiler. The cleaning spray in the bathroom wasn't even moved an inch so there's no way Tori cleaned anything).
smiley5.gif Lied about dumbass shit. (Being COD MLG, having two cops ask for a joint when she was caught smoking in California, and many more incredibly stupid lies).
smiley5.gif Claimed that Morgan and I made her feel unsafe.
TL;DR Tori is a piece of shit and has been the bane of my existence.

Thankfully, today, Morgan and I received confirmation that we could move into an open double on the second floor smiley11.gif I just finished settling in and it's such a relief to live in a room where there's no tension and stress smiley12.gif

Additionally, gummy bears were on sale two for one smiley1.gif