First off, y'all should go say happy birthday to this Marine @Wikia

Second, I've got some updates on my life. I'm going to be finishing my college credits this coming fall and walking next spring. I'll be staying in the Boston area with my best buddy who I'll talk about in a minute. I'm nervous and excited to finally be ending that chapter in my life and moving into a graduate status soon and jumping into the real world. (No more tests, papers,'ll be grand.)

Now I don't know how many of you still keep up with me (I'm on tumblr 24/7 now) but 3 months ago Bronson and I broke up after 4 years of long distance dating. As a result, my best friend Ben and I have been getting really close and seeing each other more often and well....I didn't expect to have a valentine this year but it was really nice to get to talk to him that entire week and call each other valentines and's hoping that when I see him in a few weeks I won't be in the single and waiting status anymore. He's been more than fantastic and is really someone I am happy I started out as friends first with. When the time comes, he and I will be living in Boston together. So...there's a lot of excitement and happy thoughts there.

NOW something that most of you don't know: I dyed my hair auburn. And I absolutely love it. (I'll post pixs later.) Its something I've wanted to do for awhile now and I seriously look fantastic in my new hair color (major thanks to my roommate who helped do it for me.)

Well last thing to add, I'll be heading to PAX East on Friday all day if any of you are heading that way. Hoping to do the RoosterTeeth panel again and run around finding YouTubers.

That's all for now though.