So....something scary happened today, while I was at UH.

I was just getting out of my morning class and then heading to meet my professor at his office. I arrive at the office at the time specified and see no one around. Eventually I spoke with someone and they said the professor would not be available for office hours, which was a bummer. So I go to pack up my stuff and as I do, I turn to face the hallway and without warning...BOOM!

I see a woman slip and fall to the ground hard and my immediate reaction was like: "Oh shit!" I grab my stuff and ran over to her as well as one other student to see if she was alright. Thankfully nothing serious happened asides from her hurting her leg. Afterwards, we helped her over to one of the nearest benches for her to relax and ease her leg. I was about to leave, but before I did I double checked to see if she really was ok and doesn't have any other injury.

So yea...not what I was expecting to find happening on a freezing weather today. It probably didn't sound scary, but sometimes you'd be surprise as to how you would react when you physically see stuff like this happen.

--IndiaRT28 <3