(I know aside from a few images here and then I haven't posted on here in a long time, but I'm planning on getting better at that I promise! I have a few journals already thought up smiley1.gif )

My lovely @isaywhat tagged me for the five facts making its way round so let's have at it.

1) I no longer know what I want to do with my life, but that isn't as negative as it sounds! Whilst I've been putting off looking into things recently, I know that I no longer want to work in the software development industry or follow the university route but all that means is I can be more open to finding that career path I really want.

2) I broke my nose and gained a deviated septum when I was 13/14 whilst playing rounders at school and didn't have it fixed until I was 17. I rolled off, rolled not fell you heard me, a bouncy castle when I was 9 and fractured my elbow. My right knee ballooned with fluid when I fell off the sofa arm when trying to avoid waking the sleeping dog at my feet. I injure myself in the most mundane and pathetic ways.

3) Slowly but surely over the last year I have become enamored with Japan. Through watching so many vlogs and reading about JET, I easily fell in love with the culture and the scenery. Falling in love with all the cute sweets and packaging and toys helped too. If I could visit anywhere in the world it would be Japan and I'm determined to make that happen one day.

4) I have always lived in a big city, Leeds and Manchester, and I used to tell myself that no way in hell would I ever want to live in the country/by the sea (except when I'm an old lady living in Brighton) but boy can your ideals change. I want to live by the sea, sunset beach walks and living in your own holiday destination come summer sounds like bliss to me.

5) I'm happy smiley12.gif

Anyone I would have tagged I'm pretty sure has already done this so to anyone who reads this, go ahead and do one too!
And now to end with my favourite gif.
- Lauren x