I was tagged by @LethalMomma to do this five facts thing. Here it goes.

1. I have to have music playing in order to keep myself focused. If I don't have some kind of song playing, then my mind will become very scattered and I'll try to do too much at once.

2. I am very shy at first and hate talking about myself (thank you for tagging me to do this Nicole), but once I get to know you I will talk openly about anything.

3. I like to draw, but very rarely share what I've drawn. Drawing, for me, has always been a type of outlet and it's something that's gotten me through every hard time that I've had. I don't like to share because it's like I'm putting my life out for all to see and judge or criticize.

4. I didn't like Red vs Blue at first. The first episode I ever saw was in the middle of Season 6 and I didn't know anything that was going on, so I didn't watch it. About 8 or 9 months ago I decided to give it another look and actually started from the beginning. Now I love RvB and can't wait to see Season 13.

5. For the first 3 month I was on the RT site I hated the user name I made. I honestly don't know why I hated it, but I felt like it should have been something else. I'm really happy that I chose it, because I love roses and the number 23 (and I'm also 23 smiley8.gif ).

So those are my 5 facts. Again thank you Nicole for tagging me and making me do this smiley12.gif . I'm going to tag @rachyrock @Audrey and @Cyclonis