Well, crap, I haven't logged into this for a year, I know that, because Caboozel sent my a message about maybe going to RTX last year, and I never read it. Rachel (Saygoodnight) and I talked a looong time ago about how great her idea for a craft beer and gaming shop would be. Still as of yet, I don't know of one. But yesterday was the closest I could get to it.

There's a town near me called Staunton, VA. It's always in travel blogs and foodie things. The outside of town is semi cute to meth accessible. But downtown has been completely kept up. It's a beautiful old school town, with a surprisingly good bar scene, great restaurants, breweries, winery tasting halls, wine bars, a cigar shop with smoking lounge, etc, etc. Also the home of the US Shakespeare theater. You get the point. The girlfriend and I, when we lived 15 mins from it, spent almost every day off together there. Just walking the 3-4 blocks of awesomeness. I forgot the best coffee I've had, and a chocolatier. No idea how to spell that.

There's a pretty rad little gaming/hobby shop down there. I've given up on almost all mini's and card games except Warhammer 40k. I still love it. I'd keep up with Xwing, and Magic, and Warhammer fantasy, and Warmachine, and heroclix, but I couldn't afford it.

Anywho, Dragon's Hoard, the game shop, had a teams tourney for 40k. I've never played in a tourney, and a teamup sounded awesome. Grabbed a friend from our local gaming group from another nearby city, and we rolled in.

It ended up being a small tourney, but I still had a great time, taking on some lists which were insanely competitive, and some that had a concept, but totally failed them when they met my Space Wolves and my teammates Tau. We won the day, and all was good. But what made it almost perfect for me was the town itself. Mid tourney lunch break? Had a bawler sandwich from around the corner (Pampered Pallet I think it was.) Post tourney, and we couldn't find anything we needed immediately with our winnings, I started walking to the local brewery Red Beards to grab some Black Rye IPA to take home. On the way I ran into my teammate and he decided to roll with me for a couple drinks. Added bonus, there's an amazing BBQ truck parked outside the brewery. Pulled pork with mac and cheese, rolled inside an egg roll? Yeah, I'll take that.

I can't really explain how awesome this day was to my girlfriend, she's not a gaming nerd like me. She has her own nerdiness, just not games. To be able to mix my day with good weather, three 2.5 hour games of 40k, which we went undefeated, and then follow that up with craft beer and BBQ... it was this nerds heaven.