It looks like I am the newest member of the Rooster Teeth Community. Well by the time you read this I could be the second newest, wait.... the third.... oh.... uh. I am an officially a member of the community now so YAY!

Anyway, it is just less than a year since I have been following and watching all of the Rooster Teeth content, from Red Vs Blue to RWBY to pretty much everything. The first ever episode I watched was in summer 2013, When I stumbled across (not literally) the GTA 4 Cops and Crooks on the Let's Play Channel, which feels like yesterday since I saw it, well I did see it yesterday because it was that amazing I watched it again. Anyway since then I have become a big fan of watching any animated series they produce and I wish one day I could be a part of it or even produce content like that.
It was only last year when my friend invited me around his house to play some Halo 4 and then watched some Game Fails. After that I was then hooked into watching every series that they produce. I am still working on my goal to watch every episode of Let's Plays which is more realistic than watching every Rooster Teeth series.

I also 100% think that Rooster Teeth deserve many more subscribers than they have as well as the recent views they have been getting on their uploads. Hopefully, as a community we can continue backing them for the years that are ahead.

I can honestly say that I am proud to be a member of the community and that my dream of working at Rooster Teeth can eventually become reality.