Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth!! 12 years old and still going strong.
I'm not going to lie, I found Rooster Teeth through Tumblr. All I kept seeing on my dash wash. "Which is the real Gavin" with a picture of a Banana, after seeing this around 5 times I just googled 'Gavin banana' which came up with the prop hunt videos from Achievement Hunter. I just found myself going on a rampage of videos of AH then found my way onto RvB. The rest is history.

But ultimately I'm a fan because Rooster Teeth makes me smile even when I thing I won't and I have often found myself thinking about what;s going to happen in today's videos and without knowing I'm smiling. They have also taught me to not give a fuck what others think of me and to just keep doing what I do.

But I love Rooster Teeth and am very glad for that one annoying person who kept reblogging that one post of banana!Gavin <3