Underestimating people is going to be Felix's downfall.

We've already seen it foreshadowed in Episode 1--a few times, in fact. The first is during Felix's fight with the grunts, in which we get a very "WTF?!" turn of the head after Stasney(?) accidentally shoots his own buddy in the forehead. Why? I think it's because Felix forgot about him. He thought this guy would be taken out by a pistol hitting him in the nose, and he turned his back on him for a little too long.

Felix's neck was wide open. If Stasney had been a good shot, Felix could have been paralyzed, or dead, or paralyzed AND dead.

Likewise, I don't think Felix was actually expecting that Captain Mayers would be able to hit the alarm. His "yes, I did have more fun because of it" line seems like post-hoc justification, to cut off Locus's scolding and to maintain the illusion that Felix always has everything under control. He botched that knock-out move (into your shoulder armor, Felix? Seriously?) and needed to deal with Mayers again after being just a liiiiittle bit sloppy. He was fortunate, again, that the people he was fighting were soft and untrained. This time around, he could afford a couple of mistakes.

And now we come to the Counselor, Aidan Pryce. Some prisoner who was introduced to Felix as "not really up to par" and "a smartass." Felix knows the Counselor's a smooth talker, but Felix also thinks he has the smooth-talking market cornered at this point. I think Felix recognizes that the Counselor is a threat, but I don't think he realizes just how much of a threat the Counselor is.

Specifically, the Counselor is the first person in the series to see through Felix's "I'm not technically lying" game.

I mean, you might call the "we'll let you off the ship" line a little bit obvious, but we also know Felix. He and the prisoners have never met. And all of them fell for it...except the Counselor.

Red vs. Blue may finally have a character capable of single-handedly outsmarting (not just tricking) Felix on his own turf. It remains to be seen what the Counselor will do with that power, but if I may offer a reminder:

Felix is a mercenary because he loves manipulating and killing people.

Locus is a mercenary because after the war, he thinks he's no longer capable of being anything else.

I get the impression that one of these mindsets tends to be easier to change than the other...