It started out when I first discovered Red Vs. Blue i believe during the second season but fell in love with the characters. I couldnt believe how funny they were but also enjoyed the other series like P.A.N.I.C.S which i will never forget. From there as Red vs blue continued to become better with more plot twists and tom foolery, i started watching the shorts that began to play out. I have always enjoyed all your content and enjoy that you all make fun out of anything and enjoy life even if your sick of it and others. Through the years i have enjoyed Red vs blue, panics, the shorts, rt life/rt news, achievement hunter, RWBY, animated adventures and so much more. I donated 35 dollars under the name of Smitty Woobenyegarmanjensen mainly because i wanted to see the name on the screen (yeah as if thag name wont show up more then 100 times) as Lazer team graces the world.

To sum up my banter, i became a fan because Roosterteeth isnt a company but a community that has gained many people and has found ways that we can come together through humor or support. I will always be a fan and you can count on that.