So I've been following Rooster Teeth since 2004. Just before graduating High school, I was playing Halo in LAN parties. Somehow I had emailed Kathleen Zuelch, don't ask me how, I was just looking through an old email I used and I found this dated: 7.15.04.

I apparently have come a long way in my communication, copy and pasted in it's original form:

> Hello...
> Um...yea this might sound strange but then again,
> the people who probably
> watch Red vs. Blue and/or play video games might be
> a little strange to
> begin with. First of I would like to say that as
> someone who stumbled upon
> this websites I have become quite the fan and enjoy
> everyone's work on the
> episodes. I especially feel that your character adds
> a total bad ass female
> persona, I love in this series. Which leads me to my
> first question, just
> how good are you at Halo compared to the others on
> the show? My assumption
> is they don't call you Tex for nothin. And I suppose
> I should also ask if
> this means your a female gamer? If so what sort of
> games do you play? I'm
> asking because I wonder if this led to your
> apperances on Red vs. Blue. I
> can't seem to find some sort of origions of how the
> show started from
> someones idea to the real thing we see on the
> website. SO...I suppose I ask
> you how you got involved in all this. Well that's
> enough of my endless
> drivel, sorry to bother you, but if you might answer
> any of my questions
> that would be great. Hope you enjoy your time off
> now that season 2 is over.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the email, I'm so glad to hear you like the
show! I have played Halo, but I know I'm not the best
out of all of us. I actually work in the animation
industry in the production side of things. I worked
with Matt Hullum who plays Sarge and he introduced me
to the guys....well I thought that they needed a tough
chick so it was my idea for "Tex"....they had the
character already in the series but in the beginning
she had a voice filter on so nobody new she was a she!
Anyways....long answer to your short questions!

Hope you enjoy season 3!


I know it seems like something silly, but after 12 years, these people are still going, they are extraordinary people and even take time to address fans. Thank you Rooster Teeth for being an amazing company and people a well rounded and contentious group of people.