I've watched Rooster Teeth grow for half of my life. My cousins showed me Red vs Blue at season 5, and from that day I have been hooked. I fell in love with the personalities, jokes, and good times Rooster Teeth shares with its fans.

The community is the most close knit supporters I've ever seen. We are willing to do anything for our second family, and that's exactly what we are. A family. We are bound together by the blanket of love that swaddles us all and couldn't be happier in this warm, comforting feeling that Rooster Teeth has provided for us.

Each video has inspired me and my dreams of becoming an actor, while being smart and getting a degree in Computer Science to fall back on if acting doesn't work. No one in my life has made me feel happier, more open minded, or more comfortable with myself than Rooster Teeth has. You guys are proof that if you want to do something, you can go out and do it without anyone stopping you.

The way Rooster Teeth has blossomed over the twelve years is inspiring to everyone who comes across your videos. The most beautiful thing is that no two people found Rooster Teeth the same way, but we are all here now as one big, happy family.

When I had no one in my life to turn to for guidance or support, I turned to my computer and put on a smile that could only be described as giddy when I watched your videos. Above everything else, I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you Rooster Teeth. I love you guys.