Why am I a Rooster Teeth fan?

Deja Vu: I talked about this exact topic in this journal entry and this journal entry.

To sum it up in a short explanation: not only has Rooster Teeth been one of my primary sources of weekly entertainment ever since the 8th grade, but the shows and the staff have been an enormous inspiration to me. If my father hadn't shown me Red Vs Blue all those years ago (circa season 2), it's possible that my dream of being a filmmaker and actor may never have even crossed my mind. This company has had a genuine impact on my life and its direction, and, whether I can make the dream happen or not, I will always be grateful for it. Because, at the end of the day, at least I have a life direction.

Thank you Rooster Teeth for everything that you've given all of us: Fun, Friends, and Fantastic Aspirations.
I can't wait to see what you folks do next.