Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth. Also a few days after that it were my 18th birthday. Well, I can finally drink alcohol since I live in the UK but if you live in the US, you have to wait another three years. However, what I just said does not make a difference to me since I don't like any alcoholic drink.

As it has been 12 years since Rooster Teeth has begun I wish all the best for the staff and company as the 13th year is always the unluckiest. As always they have had another very successful year and from last year they released five or six new shows that will carry on bringing laughter and enjoyment. I can't wait for season 2 for both X-ray and Vav and Ten Little Roosters. Can someone comment on this journal to tell me if Ryan was doing the background singing during the trailer/intro for X-ray and Vav. In additions to this we have season 3 of RWBY and Red Vs Blue which I have not watch yet as I am only on Season 7.

Finally, I am hoping to go to RTX this year, only if I win the VIP tickets through the contest that Rooster Teeth have announced, so it would be very appreciated if you like my next journal which will be released over the next couple of days, as a trip to RTX would be the best experience I would have had in my life, since I have not left the UK for over 10 years, so to go to America and have a chance to meet the staff of Rooster Teeth who are inspirational to me, it would mean the world to me.