I first got a chance to really get to know @Ray back in early 2011 through being on streams, funnily enough. Back then, he was BrownMan: the guy with a shit-ton of Gamerscore making quality guides on the Community Hunter channel. We got to be pretty good friends, even sharing a hotel room at PAX East 2012. Sitting next to him at that event's RT panel, I had no idea they'd be announcing that he had been hired to work there. It was an unexpected moment, but a pretty awesome one to witness up close.

Since then, we've roomed together at more conventions, gone to each other's panels, recorded podcasts, and spent many, many hours playing video games together. Honestly, I probably owe a large amount of my own successes to having the good fortune of knowing Ray, and I'm cool with that. Today, I'm just as proud of him going off to do his own thing as I was when he got hired at RT. Whether it's streaming, or anything else he chooses to do, I know he's gonna be just fine.

As an RT fan: Thanks for all the laughs and the best damn achievement guides on the Internet, Ray. As a friend: Yo dude, you've got quite the luscious butthole. smiley12.gif