Jebus! I can't believe Ray is leaving Achievement Hunter. When they hired Michael was when I first became interested in AH, but it was when they hired Ray that I knew I'd be a fan for a long time. Ray is a New Yorker, like myself (we're both from Strong Isle as well), and I always loved his sarcastic unrepentant sense of humor. You immediately got the feeling that he both loved and hated the internet, which was a mentality I could get behind. The fact that he's also the best video game player in AH (for most games) was just icing on the cake. Out of all the new shows Rooster Teeth has done over the past few years, X-Ray and Vav is my favorite, so I'm glad to hear he'll still be doing that from time-to-time. Also, if you haven't checked out his YouTube or Twitch you definitely should. I used to think Michael was the only one who could solo a Let's Play, but Ray very quickly proved me wrong. Glad he found something that makes him happy and that he is pursuing it.

Best of luck, Ray! You will be truly missed and never forgotten (mostly because I'll be watching you stream, but you know what the sentiment is).