When I pressed play what I was expecting something along the lines of making Ray eat cake and destroying all the roses and generally making jibes and poking fun, but the reality was so far from that.

This is without doubt the most sincere Lets Play the crew have ever done. In amongst the jokes and laughs were prolonged moments of silence when they remembered that this was happening. I think the two who struck me most was Geoff and Michael. When Geoff got out the carpet no one really joked because they knew how much this lets play meant to him and that they were together for one last time. Michael towards the end also expressed a genuine wish to stay friends with Ray which was utterly heartbreaking. And I really really hope they do stay friends.

It was a beautiful send off and it was what Ray deserved but I didn't expect it. So thank you crew for pushing the jokes aside and making something real. And Ray, I am really gonna miss you man.