On the upside, coming back to you guys after, what? Six months or something? (That's some cray cray shit right there) I get to see how much everyone's changed or not changed and who's all still active or not. I got to see how amazingly improved some of the artists have become (and now they're all even MORE amazing if that were even possible) and I get to catch up on all the happ'nins of my favourite RT peeps that I missed out on while I was stuck under some rock hibernating through winter.

SO! Lay it on me. Give me your news.

While you're thinking up a way of pretending you didn't read this and move on with your lives, I'll give you a wee update on me.

I finally managed to secure full time employment, around about the time I dropped off the face of the internets. Work is hard. And time consuming. And all you want to do is sleep when you're not working. Why can't I go back to school again?

There was a relationship and then there wasn't, which was a pretty awesome time for me both during and after it happened. Life's all about collecting experiences and making them all add up to something, right? You gotta love everything that comes your way, even if it's disguised as a bad thing now, ten years down the line you'll wake up some day and suddenly realise you've learned from it. Sure it wasn't great for you at the time, sure maybe you won't remember it with fondness, but you'll appreciate the experience because it's made you who you are today in it's own small (or large) way.

A little sneek peek at my personal creed there.

Let's see...there was a birthday somewhere in amongst all that Christmas/New Year/Halloween hullaballoo of which I was too caught up in to remember clearly. Lots of dancing, lots of laughs, and plenty of friends to help celebrate is something I remember for certain (and mostly because I remember how sore my feet were the next day!

And no. I'm still not nearly as thin as SPiDER the flatterer drew me in my profile pic. Continuously moving in the opposite direction it would seem. Chocolate and I have a very difficult love hate relationship. I love the way it tastes, it hates when I mash it to bits between my teeth. It's all very complicated really.

I heard that Ray was leaving to stream on Twitch! Ray WHYYYYYYYY??

No more Team Lads Action News Team smiley2.gif

I shall endure I suppose.

And of course, the horrible news of Monty Oum's passing. God that hurt to hear. What a huge loss to the world. But I'll try not to dwell on that too much. Appreciating what he did is far more productive than feeling sadness over his passing. Helping to make what he did count (even in the tiniest way) is probably more along the lines of a better remembrance than moping away on a blog post, right? I mean, the man just. did. not. stop. moving. Always moving, always running with new ideas, breaking away from the norm and constructing new lines to cross as he went. A true genius.

How do you even begin to pull a post away from there?

I suppose some cats could make this a little less depressing...


Alright that's enough cats and water for now. Signing off smiley12.gif