Unfortunately Jamie and I split. We were together for 2.5 years, living together for the past 1.5. Now we're stuck in a lease until July, at which point I have to find a new place to live. We moved close to her work, so I have a hour commute, which I'd love to kill. But where I work living is horribly expensive.

But since this is a time of changes, and I hate my job anyways, I am desperately trying to a new job. I just applied at my friends office for CFA Institute, for a job that I basically do now which is manage corporate investigators, I have my fingers crossed. I think it'll pay enough that I could safely live by myself in Charlottesville, and not be dead ass broke. Plus M-F 8-5 instead of random shifts with random 6 day work weeks. Yes please.

I'm stuck living with Jamie still, and I still love her, but that of course has been... reduced. It's her call, she wasn't happy, and wants to live on her own. She has some good reasons, but it still sucks. But now I have this big hole in me, and honestly, I really want to just get back out there. To the point I've pulled up some dating sites just to get started again. But i haven't pulled the trigger. Life would be tough living with Jamie and trying to talk to someone else.

At least this time though I'm going to be straight up on those sites. Last time I just put up I like hiking, and bars. While that may be true, I'm a nerd and a geek. I subscribe to both. And I'm just going to put that in there, and see what happens. Maybe I'll actually have better experiences.

All I know is, I wanna be out doing stuff right now. Games (except Warhammer, but that's a social thing) aren't filling any holes unless I have someone to play with.